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What is myFoodDays? is here to automate the ordering of school lunches and school items on behalf of the School.

By ordering online you can help the school spend more time looking after school lunches and less time on paperwork!

In addition you can:

  • Pay online using a credit card, debit card or PayPal
  • Have the system email your orders
  • Download your orders to your desktop or mobile calendar
  • Allow your children to pick the food
  • Get reminders via email for ordering and payments


How it works

myFoodDays works by taking orders online for the schools that your children are in.

When the school is ready to begin ordering they'll put up the order period and menu or "Ordering Run" as we call it online.

The system will email you to let you know that they're ready to take orders and for how long.

You can log onto the system as often as you like to place and adjust your order as long as you're all finished by the close of the ordering period or, what we call "Close On Date" - the day that the orders and payments are due.

You can choose from credit card, debit card, PayPal or eCheck to load your account with the required funds to cover your order, once you've chosen your items and all of your children in that school and any others that have ordering open have what they need. You can pre-load additional amounts to cover further orders and changes to save re-entering payments.

image03.pngAnd that's it; the day before the first food day you'll get an email reminding you of what you ordered. You can go on the system anytime to see what you ordered, you can print the orders, download them to your calendar.

You can also have you or your children log on to the system through our iPhone/iPod and Android Apps that you can find in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.




Get Started

image01.pngTo order on you'll first need to sign up ***, add children to your account and then place orders. Once you've signed up you can go back and change your order as often as you like up until the day the orders and payments are due.

*** You may have already been signed up if you are an existing parent at the school.

Note that the screens may look different if your school has customized the experience, colors and layout.

From any web browser, navigate to:




Sign Up

image06.pngIf you’re new to myFoodDays you’ll need to register, Click New Parents’ or ‘Sign up!

New users will be taken to a signup wizard; follow the instructions to complete the process:

As you're new to the system you'll be taken straight to the 'Add Child' wizard to add your first child, again, follow the wizard...

When you have added your first child click ‘Save’. If you have other children to add click 'I have another child to add after this one!' before clicking Save. Once you have added your children you will be taken to your Account Homepage. You cannot order lunch until you have chosen a grade/lunch period for your child.





image08.pngTo order for your family you must be logged in. If you've just signed up; you're already in. 

When you first sign in you’ll be taken to your Account homepage where you’ll find options for ‘Account’, ‘Payments’ and more depending upon the features that your school is using.

You’ll see a list of your children with the available ordering options for each of your children grouped as new, current or past. 

To order... Click on your child or highlighted ordering run to start ordering for your child or family. You cannot order lunch until you have chosen a grade/lunch period for your child.

Remember to click ‘Checkout’ when you have finished ordering to save your order. You will need to order for each of your children this way before completing payment.

This is what the order form looks like:


As you step through the order by day and choose items, the days remaining counter at the bottom will fall and the calendar days will change from Red to Green to single that you have an order on the day - when there are no more day sin red, you've ordered on every day.

At the bottom of the page you will see your order list grow.

To speed up ordering, you can apply your selection for the day to every similar day, using the button "Apply these choices to every ... selection" - you'll see extra days turn green as your choices are copied.




When you have finished ordering click ‘Done’, this will pop up a box asking you Where to next?  You can click to:

  • Order for your other children that are listed
  • Copy this order to another child in your school (if applicable)
  • Choose No more orders, go to payments... to signify that you have no more orders and would like to see payments
  • Return to children...

If you return to the children in your accounts page, you can download, print or export your orders to your calendar directly.




image02.pngFrom the navigation bar across the top, choose Payments. From here you can load your account from your credit card, debit card, PayPal account or directly from your checking account. You can load enough to cover current payments or add extra to cover future orders and changes. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to complete the online payment by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Note that if you use eChecks, you should pre-pay beforehand to ensure that your balance is in good standing before ordering.

If you choose to pre-pay funds onto your balance, you can return any unused payments at any time, once per year. Additional refunds may incur a processing fee.

Orders place without sufficient funds may be removed automatically at the end of the day.




If there is a Snow day or other problem preventing lunch being served, the school will credit your account. The credit will show up on the payments page and will be deducted from the balance on future orders automatically.




image09.pngHere you can change your Account Settings, you can add a child, change your child/children’s homeroom, delete a child, manage your email address, password, telephone number and your email preferences.





Help is always at hand - use the Contact Us button to reach myFoodDays Support and we'll get you going.